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I Didn’t Sleep Train But I Get Why You Did

We didn’t sleep train. But I get why you did.

Maybe you were at your wits end. You didn’t think you could go on anymore. You didn’t know what else to do.

You are doing what is best for your child and your family, just like those of us who co-sleep. And certainly the science in the area is debated. There doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut answer. And certainly one would hope it allows you to get the rest you need.

It doesn’t really matter why you did – you’re a mom, you love your kid, and you’re trying your best just like we all are.

Sleep deprivation affects us all in so many ways – physically, emotionally, and professionally.

Some of us cope with the lack of sleep better than others. And every child is so different. We’re all trying the best we can, and it’s so hard to know what another person has gone through or considered when they’ve come to a decision we may not understand.

All of a sudden we’re inundated with these seemingly huge decisions that impact not just us but our baby. It’s overwhelming.

Am I trying the best I can?

Am I listening to my instincts as a mom?

Am I making an informed choice?

Am I doing what is best for me and my family?

The village is about acceptance and compassion. Even if you sleep-trained – you and me – we’re still the same.