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Mommyfriend – You Saved This New Mom

Dear Mommyfriend,

Have I told you recently how great you are?  I don’t know what I would do without you.  On many occasions, you have pretty much saved my life (and sanity).

Being a new mom has made me doubt my ability to do so much.

Why is he spitting up so much?  It must be something in my breast milk.
Why is he CRYING so much?  I am not good at this.
Why am I so much less productive than I used to be? I’m just not managing this mom thing as well as everyone else.
WHY OH WHY won’t he sleep?  It’s something I’m doing wrong.

You remind me not to doubt myself.  

You know that I’m being too hard on myself.  You listen.  Let me get it off my chest.  You remind me that sometimes, it’s the kid, and no matter what we do,  it just takes time to pass.  Other times, you encourage me and tell me about what helped you.  I love that I can help you through this too; isn’t it amazing how our perspective changes looking from the outside of a situation?

You give me amazingly helpful information.

I pretty much would have missed the local daycare list without your mommy advice.  You told me which classes in our area were actually legit.  I bought like 5 sippy cups before finding one I could actually assemble without wanting to whip it across the room because all I can hear is “MUMMY I’M THIRSTY.  WANT DRINK.  WANT DRINK.”  And then you gave me like 3 extra cups that you didn’t use.

We share laughter and treats.  

Like these.  Mmm.  

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but we often laugh when we’re together.  I love hearing your stories and love that you adore my cute-kid story as much as I do yours.  Plus, I need to tell SOMEONE about my embarrassing stories (too awful for the blog).

On other days, we can sit in silence and just chill out while our kids tear apart the park/library/whomever’s house it was we decided to go to that day.

Most importantly though – we’re always there for each other, even if it can’t be immediately.  Sometimes it’s just a quick text of support and that’s enough.  Both of us understand this hectic life with little ones.  Time apart doesn’t affect our bond.  But it sure is nice when you are around.

Thank you Mommyfriend.

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